Is DMIT reliable for Career Counselling in Dubai?


The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, more commonly known as the DMIT test, is the examination of Human fingerprints. It is a highly developed and well-researched method that combines neurobiology, embryology, and genetics. In keeping with the culture of innovation, DMIT is a breakthrough way of evaluating a person's innate qualities.

It is said that our life is determined by two elements, nature and nurture. Nurture relates to the abilities and skills we acquire, whereas nature relates to the talent we are born with. It cannot be denied that a significant part of our inclinations, skills, and personalities are something we are born with.

It is where the importance of biometric tests lies. DMIT test in Dubai for career counselling is a step in this direction. A child can become a prodigy when his talent is discovered early this is precisely the aim of DMIT counselling.

Key Features of DMIT

Let us go through some of the main features of DMIT given below:

  • It is a test derived from the scientific analysis of the patterns of skin ridges present on an individual's fingers.
  • Everyone has different fingerprints, representing the fundamental uniqueness of all human beings.
  • It has been scientifically proven that fingerprints and innate intelligence are related.
  • DMIT does not measure the skills the student has acquired. There are many other tools for that, but the DMIT is amongst the few that go beyond acquired knowledge.

DMIT Benefits for Students in Dubai

There are some essential aspects of DMIT Counselling that make them beneficial to students:

  • In most other examinations, academic reports depend on acquired knowledge, whereas, like IQ, DMIT is one of the few means to discover innate's strengths.
  • Multiple intelligence test dmit can be given to any student irrespective of their preparation, coaching, and health level and enable an evaluation.
  • A broad outline of one's nature can be discovered as visual-spatial, logical, kinesthetic, verbal, interpersonal, and intrapersonal.
  • Once a broad type of intelligence is identified in a person, a set of careers can be explored. For example, those with verbal intelligence can focus their efforts on a career in languages, films, advertising, digital marketing, media, or literature.
  • Students get an unbiased evaluation compared to interactive methods, which are often prone to the individual judgment of the person.
  • Career counselling must go beyond the academic performance and interpersonal skills of a student and tap into ways by which the underlying talent of a person can be found. Biometric tests have become an important option.


Career counsellors should use a combination of methods to evaluate a student. It includes their academic performance, subjects they are good at, interpersonal skills, psychometric tests, biometric tests/DMIT, and other ways.

DMIT counselling for students in Dubai is an essential component because there are few means to go beyond acquired knowledge to discover a person's inborn qualities. Hence, DMIT Fingerprint Analysis is reliable for career counselling.

Proventus Education uses the best global career counselling methods to help students. DMIT is amongst the various tools we use to study a student's talents in Dubai. We also use other devices that are used internationally.

These tools ensure that the best efforts are made in arriving at a person's skills and inclinations as early in life as possible so that career planning is crafted well. If your child has a prodigy, it should bloom as early as possible. Talk to experts at Proventus Education and try DMIT career counselling for students in Dubai.

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