6 Top Career Options in Science to Study Abroad


When planning to study abroad, we should have a look at the wide variety of courses that are available to us. Studying abroad comes with the advantage of having a choice of programs. This is true of those who are in science as well. Science students can expect to go for a course that matches their interest as well as being a trending course in the industry.

This ensures that a student is studying something he/she likes as well as studying something that has a demand in the job market.

Some courses are ceaselessly relevant and can be pursued with confidence today. Some science stream courses were once important but have now become outdated. Thus, we must seek to study a course that is in keeping with evolving technology and scientific research. A counsellor who is adept in education abroad can help shape the choice of the student.

Trending Science Field Courses

Science is a vast field and there are so many career options for science students that are in demand in the marketplace as well as in the science community. Here are some science field career options & courses to be considered closely by students :

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering remains an evergreen course to study. Whether we want to study in Australia, the USA, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, or Singapore, we can undertake a mechanical engineering course at a top university. Mechanical engineering students are in demand in the job market and it opens up a career in many industries. We can find a university and country within one’s budget.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering offers an exciting career in the intersection of biology, chemistry, and health. The course attracts students from a variety of backgrounds. It offers tremendous scope for research as it is a rapidly evolving field. Students who want to study biomedical engineering abroad can choose their university based on various parameters such as scope for research, placements, and costs.

Applied Physics

Applied physics fulfills the dual purpose for students who want to study physics deeply and want to do so with practical application of the subject. Students of applies physics find employment in academia, non-profit, industry, and startups. Their aptitude and ability to examine deeply are respected widely. Various courses are available for studies in applied physics, and an MSc in the subject is popular.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Not only is there awareness about health, nutrition, and diet amongst people, but there is also demand for qualified professionals in the industry. If we want to study food science, we would do well to consider courses abroad. A wide number of universities abroad offer various short-term and long-term courses on nutrition.

Computer Science

Technology has come to the forefront in the last decade. It has become a decisive factor in success in almost all fields. This means that education in computer science continues to be the top choice among science students.

It also means that there is a demand for students who study undergraduate or postgraduate courses in the stream. There is also scope for pursuing doctoral studies. The computer science course is conducted widely in universities abroad and also receives abundant attention from the university administration.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Some education courses remain relevant at all times. Doing an MBBS is one such course. However, for specialized education in some branches of medical education, we can consider universities that have the right facilities and curriculum. Some of the trending courses in medicine are Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology, Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (BVSc. AH). Consider one of the branches of medicine with care and find the right combination of flair and financial goals.


Science is a wide-ranging field and just finding out what to study in it, can require a lot of research. It is best to approach seasoned counsellors who have already studied education in science and can offer the right suggestions very quickly.

Proventus Education has been tracking trending career options in science & courses in science through biometric tests, psychometric tests, and assessment of academic records, they can guide a student to a path that can be right for them. An expert in Proventus Education can help you choose a science course that is relevant to your interests and goals and is highly in demand today.

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