Trending Career Opportunities in Sports Industry


“You know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play”- Mike Singletary.

If we have youngsters who have this attitude of sportsmanship, then we must encourage them to find the right path to become the best they want to be. Involvement in sports helps us develop confidence, self-esteem, and social skills. It inculcates the art of managing emotions, perseverance, acceptance of defeat, patience, teamwork, and most important develops self-discipline. What is the most exciting aspect today is that it is a viable and rewarding career if planned well.

Students with an aptitude for sports can find many career options in the field of sports. One can find numerous opportunities in the sports industry, including athletic and non-athletic positions. We can work directly with athletes and behind the scenes, supporting athletes or athletic events. There are a plethora of opportunities in the field of sports and other disciplines.

The best way to develop a career in sports is to study it formally at a university abroad. A career counsellor conversant with overseas education can help us identify the right course in sports to pursue.

Here are some of the career options in the sports industry

1.Sports coach/sports instructor

With good social skills, team building skills, motivational and organizational skills, and quality of patience, one can become a sports coach that involves professional level training. A degree in sports coaching, mba in sports management, and a bachelor of sports science are needed to become a sports coach. Field experience will eventually make one a better coach.

2. Fitness Nutritionist

A sports fitness nutritionist advises athletes on nutrition for best performance. Understanding of nutrients, requirements of various sports, medical history, and the performance of clients is needed here. An aspiring nutritionist should have a degree in nutrition or should have done sports nutrition courses.

3. Sports Journalism & photography

Sports journalism is a big sub-sector of media. Cricket, Golf, and football are sports that have dedicated media channels. Studying sports journalism can ensure a career in it. Visuals from sports dominate newspapers and the internet.

Not just writing and reporting sports journalism also require photographers who are specialized in sports photography. if one wants to become a sports journalist there are sports journalism courses available.

4. Sports Physiotherapy

Physical therapists help their client’s overcome injuries and disabilities with massage, exercise, and other training methods. It is a subject for which universities have dedicated sports psychology courses.

5. Sports law

If law interests a student, then with a law degree they can take up this job It involves representing the legal concerns of a client, securing and interpreting contracts, salary negotiation, and checking sponsorship deals.

6. Sports Marketing

This job involves preparing reports, market analysis, and understanding marketing strategies to be used. One needs a degree in marketing or working experience in digital and on-ground marketing. The skills required here are research skills, market knowledge and analysis, and most importantly, identifying needs.

7. Sports Analytics

There are several billion-dollar enterprises in sports. Companies spend a heavy amount on advertising budgets for sporting events. It requires sports data analysts to work on these activities. one must study sports management courses or a bachelor of sports management to get into sports analytics jobs.

8. Sports Science

If students have a science background and an interest in sports, they can pursue a career in sports science. by studying sports science courses or a bachelor of exercise and sport science.

9. Sports Management

Studying sports management through an MBA can open plenty of rewarding job opportunities. Universities in various countries have been offering a specialization in sports for a long time.

Countries that are known for sports education

Overseas studies in sports can lead students to new opportunities and global experiences helping them expand their horizons. Learning in a different culture could just give the edge to set oneself apart from the competition.

Studying sports abroad exposes students to sports lovers from other countries. It makes one aware of the different professional aspects of sports and how one can apply a global and culturally competent approach to one’s choice of field. Some of the countries that are providing education in sports are:

  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Lithuania
  • Spain
  • Australia


Sports may appear to be a limited career when talking to colleagues and friends. However, when we look at the sports industry overall, we see that it is a major employer. However, without the right guidance students and parents may not be able to shape an interest in sports into a viable and rewarding career.

It is important to guide our children with the help of experts who counsel with a scientific approach and advice a path based on the test results and ambitions of a child. The emotional, social, and behavioral needs of the students need to be considered so that they can be provided with a friendly environment for better learning.

At Proventus Education we have a seasoned counsellor for ambitious students who wish to study abroad. Our experts in Proventus Education can help craft an interest in sports into a career. Through biometric tests, psychometric tests, and assessment of track record in academics and sports, a student will be provided end-to-end guidance in finding admission into the right sports course abroad.

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