How does DMIT help in a child's career selection?


One of the key reasons we should do a biometric test like DMIT is that it can help in the career selection process very early on. Those who discover their talent and skills early in life stand a chance to become child prodigies.

Unfortunately, most of us take a lifetime to discover our innate talents and inclinations. Instead, we go through higher education in a subject chosen from current trends and peer pressure.

We do jobs half-heartedly, and if we are lucky, then later in life, we discover our talents and align that with our interests. However, wasting time can be cut short using a Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT).

DMIT uses fingerprints and goes directly into your innate personality. As a result, a child's career selection becomes smoother as many of his core qualities are discovered.

Key ways in which DMIT helps in the career selection of a child:

• Identifies inborn learning style

All of us have different learning styles. For example, some of us are better at reading; some learn better by watching, and others learn best by listening.

A DMIT test result can help understand a child’s learning styles. Some careers require a particular form of learning. For example, a child who learns best by watching may opt for an MBA rather than a CA. On the other hand, to be a chartered accountant requires much reading and studying.

• Nature of a child is better known

Every career requires a specific nature. For example, careers in management consulting, advertising, and films, need a person who likes to play with ideas. If a child’s personality is understood, he can be gently pushed in a direction where he can opt for a lucrative career suitable to his nature.

• Draw attention to weaknesses

We are all limited in some way. If we learn about our weaknesses early on, we can improve them and avoid careers in which our weaknesses will prohibit growth. For example, a child with a weak analytical ability can avoid trying to be an engineer.

• Understand the mix of intelligence

We all have some quantum of every type of intelligence. DMIT can measure these bits of intelligence indicatively and can help a child select his career based on that. For example, a person with a high IQ may be suited for administrative roles. Similarly, if his creative intelligence is on the higher side, he can be a success in media or brand management.

• Provides an objective assessment

We all judge people we know, including our children. Teachers, too, have their perspectives. Therefore, we require tools to overcome this natural bias, and a method like the DMIT test for students serves this purpose.


Career selection must be taken very seriously by parents and children. If this is not done, a person may realise his talent much later in life, thus wasting valuable time and energy.

Luckily, with a breakthrough method like DMIT, a child can begin understanding his talent early and start working towards a relevant career sooner than many others. DMIT also helps to limit the bias that sets in when we use the judgement of teachers for career selection.

Proventus Education uses DMIT tests among many tools to analyse a child and provide a comprehensive career counselling solution. Talking to an expert will help parents convince their children of the importance of this biometric test in the career selection process.

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