Whether to Apply for Study Abroad?


There are many ways to assess if you are ready to apply to study abroad. One must realize that such a big decision is not taken merely out of peer pressure or because it is trendy.

A student must think about what career they want to pursue, their life goals, and how studying a course abroad can enable their vision. Equally important is how well prepared you are for the nitty gritty of going abroad, such as academic results, tests, documents, and more.

Education consultants guide you through the process of making applications. However, before applying abroad, you must take a few steps to prepare your university applications. Once you go through this checklist, applying for courses becomes easier.

Many students go through specialized career counseling to understand whether they are eligible for the best courses to study overseas. A meeting with a study abroad counselor can help you reevaluate your budget, determine the appropriate scholarship, and help you make the right choice for courses.

Key points that determine if you are ready to study abroad

Here are some things Overseas education consultants use to determine if you are ready:

1. Setting a goal for your life

Set a vision for your life.

What do you want in life? A well-paying job with perks or one where you can follow your passions?

If it is the former, go for Ivy League institutes in the USA, as they may help you achieve it. But if you want to explore a particular talent, see which countries provide the best environment for it. Choose a career option that aligns with your life goals.

2. Setting career goals

Everyone can get an entry-level job in their preferred industry. However, set realistic educational goals is important. career goals indicate how far you want to go.

Certain universities have a track record for creating founders and CEOs. Many others guarantee a stable job in middle management. Studying abroad may be an option to reach these career goals.

3. Finalize an educational goal

Your goals in life and career determine an educational goal, and readiness for going abroad means knowing what you want to study. If you can finalize or shortlist ideal courses, you are close to being ready to study abroad.

Get into details, and work with study abroad consultants to fully prepare yourself.

4. Career counseling and mandatory tests

If you are unsure about what to study and where, the best study abroad consultants will conduct psychometric and biometric tests, scrutinize your academic performance record, and provide you with an academic goal. Depending on the course you want, a career counselor will tell you about the tests you will need to take, such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT, etc.

5. Documentation

Getting documents right is essential for studying abroad. Every country has a different set of requirements. You can get a checklist of the required documents for each university application from a study abroad education counsellor.

6. Budgeting

Every student and parent should determine their budget when going abroad for studies. If unplanned, it can be very expensive. Create a budgeting exercise by roping in some experienced abroad admissions consultants.

Parents can plan their budget by evaluating the costs involved, such as education, living, and travel expenses. Scholarships and loans can help meet the expenses too.


Going abroad for studies requires a lot of effort. It requires evaluating larger goals, such as deciding your goals sets in life and career. It requires finding out what courses will help you achieve these goals.

Courses abroad can help you achieve your career goals, but one must be ready in many ways. The above points will help determine if you are prepared to go abroad. You can also take help from a study abroad or overseas admission consultant to plan your process.

Proventus Education provides end-to-end services to students and parents in their application process. Speak to an expert from Proventus Education, who will make these steps easy and guide you in the right direction. Get in touch with one of our Study abroad admission consultants to ensure you are ready to apply.

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