Low-Cost MBBS Destinations Abroad For Indian Students


We all know how expensive it is to pursue medical studies to become a doctor. While there are a large number of students who aspire to enter this noble profession, the competition can be challenging. This problem is compounded by the fact that many students cannot afford the money it takes to study in some colleges. Studying MBBS abroad can address this problem for parents and students, as it does for countless families yearly.

When considering options to study abroad, an essential factor to keep in mind is that your choice of college is recognized by global bodies such as WHO and NMC, among various other criteria. Education also becomes low-cost by getting a scholarship. The list of destinations below fulfills this criterion. The opportunities available are vast, and students should be empowered to achieve their aspirations to become doctors. Let us also face it, the demands for donations in Indian colleges drive up the cost very high, and much higher than education abroad.

Low-cost yet high-quality education

All qualities of a good education must be present in the chosen option, and the low costs should not compromise the quality of education. Curriculum, the standard of living, safety, recognition, faculty, duration, research, and job placements are key parameters that must be considered. Any oversights or mistakes in decision-making can be costly in the long run. Proventus Education ensures that all authentic information is available to parents to prevent such problems. They also provide students with an action plan and complete assistance until they begin their studies.

Here are five countries where one can pursue MBBS abroad at low costs:

1. The USA

Being the most developed country in the world on several parameters, the US has some of the best medical colleges globally. Several best colleges for MBBS abroad are located in the US. The good news is that there are plenty of scholarship options to help you bring down the cost of education.

2. The UK

The UK is home to renowned institutions like Oxford and Cambridge universities and provides one of the best opportunities to study MBBS abroad. While the top colleges get the highlight, several options in the UK can come within your budget.

3. Canada

One of the most sought-after places to study MBBS abroad is Canada. This serves the dual purpose of education as well as considering the option to work and settle there. Some prominent medical colleges in Canada are the University of Toronto, McGill University, and McMaster University. You can apply for scholarships and waivers and get an MBBS within your budget.

4. The Czech Republic

On average medical education in universities of the Czech Republic, without scholarships, is much lower than in most European countries. The cost of living is also reasonable. They are ranked well globally in the quality of education they provide. Students should definitely consider applying to colleges there.

5. Germany

India and Germany exchange a lot of students annually. Germany has some of the best public universities where studying medicine is inexpensive. It might even cost you little to nothing if you get admitted to one of them. Public universities conduct the course in German, while private universities, which are expensive, offer their curriculum in English.


There are several criteria for choosing an MBBS course abroad. Parents can plan for their children by analyzing the cost of education and living expenses in these countries. A sound and knowledgeable career counselor is extremely important when it comes to decision-making about education. Apart from the low cost, the course must meet certain key requirements, and accurate guidance can only be obtained from seasoned advisors tracking colleges abroad. Scholarships and waivers can help in a big way in bringing down costs.

Proventus Education has a robust mechanism to handhold parents in getting their wards an MBBS degree admission abroad within their budgetary constraints. The institute offers end-to-end assistance in studying abroad. Speak to an expert today!

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