4 Essential components to consider for study Abroad & overseas education


Studying abroad is a significant milestone in our career. It is worth the pain, and so many find themselves being transformed as they can learn a course they aspire to, have unique life experiences in a different country, unravel their talent, and derive substantial financial growth.

History contains examples of people fulfilling unimagined dreams by moving to another country. Albert Einstein struggled to find his talent and get recognition in his home country, but he flourished once he started working in another. Influential people, who own the best education institutions, send their kids abroad to study. There is no doubt that those of us who have a choice to study abroad often exercise it and get enriched by it.

Components of studying abroad & overseas education

There are several components to studying abroad. These are as follows:

Selecting Country to study abroad

One of the critical decisions to take when studying abroad is choosing the country in which we should study. We may choose a country to work in that country later. We may also study abroad to taste or live in developed countries. USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and France are some countries where students from across the globe go to study in large numbers. One strong reason to study abroad is to have a good education at reasonable costs. Medical students study in countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Russia and others.

Select Educational program & Degree for overseas education

One of the decisions to make while studying abroad is finalizing the educational program. This is a mix of your background, tests and aspirations. Sometimes we may be able to learn a course that we thought was impossible with our academic performance. This is because within our country, there are very few seats available in some courses and there are countless deserving students who don’t find admission. The courses to study abroad include MBA, MS, MBBS, Engineering, Filmmaking and many more.

Analysis & Choosing Courses

When choosing a course, there are many considerations to make. These considerations include university rankings, curriculum, pedagogy, career prospects for the course, campus life and activities, accommodation options, admission requirements, and costs. Some factors can play the most dominant role in making a selection. For example, some countries may offer a course that is precisely in a specialization of our interest.

Documentation for overseas education

Several documents need to be organized when studying abroad. Amongst the various documents that may be required are filling up the application form, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, resume, test score certificates, passport and visa. Not all documents are required. The documentation varies from one country to another.

What is Student Visa Process?

One of the concerns of students and parents is getting a student visa. While many countries provide a smooth student visa process, some have a tricky process, and if not followed correctly, the visa may not come through. Thus, it is best to involve an overseas education consultant in the process. These are the steps that are involved in getting a student visa:

• Get informed about the visa requirements for the country
• Get admission confirmation in writing from the university
• Choose the type of visa we wish to apply for. We may even get a visa that lets you work there after your studies
•Apply for a visa
• Wait for confirmation

Adopt a step-by-step process

The best way to go from having the idea of studying abroad to joining a campus is by following a stepwise process. We should not put the horse before the cart, which is often the case with those who pursue the process without expert guidance.

Proventus Education: Your study abroad education consultant

Proventus Education is an end-to-end overseas education consultant. It engages with a student right from the time he is just exploring the idea of studying abroad to the time he has joined the campus. Being a study abroad or overseas education consultant is a globally relevant educationist. Following are how Proventus Education helps students and parents fulfill their dreams:

We take Scientific approach for consultation

One of the reasons that Proventus Education stands apart is its commitment to helping students discover their innate talent, strengths and inclination. Instead of allowing peer pressure to let a student decide his choice of education, Proventus Educations takes the student through psychometric and biometric tests, apart from going through the pattern that emerges from the academic records, to create a scientific and unbiased framework for counseling.

We provide One-on-one counseling for each student

Proventus Education provides us with one-on-one counselling. Every student is unique and they all require personalized attention. All the queries by parents and students get addressed in these counselling sessions. This includes advice on courses, country, budgets, travel, accommodation, and more.

We Provide Expert Guidance Test Preparation

Students are fully prepared for the tests they need to undertake. Proventus Education provides expert guidance to deal with all the popular tests related to studying abroad, including SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, UCAT, ACT and AP. Experts at the institute will devise a strategy for us to strike a balance between aspiration and aptitude and generate various options for overseas education that are within our reach.

Opening the door to Ivy League Universities

To get into the world's Ivy League universities, we must ace every step of the process – tests, creating documents such as SOP and visa interviews. Numerous students from the institute have made it into these Ivy League universities. Proventus has a seasoned team and can ensure you get things right every step

Know about Scholarships and Freeship

As parents budget for their children's education, they can save valuable money if they have the proper knowledge of various scholarships and waivers. They can also save by opting for universities where high-quality education is reasonably priced.


There are several components to studying abroad. Dealing with them becomes simple when a study abroad or overseas education consultant with a track record is brought on board. Doing it on our own will not only make the process cumbersome, but it can also lead to overspending. Proventus Education provides value-added services throughout the process of studying abroad. Career Counseling & Overseas education consulting includes a scientific approach to counseling and hand-holding students until they reach the campus. Getting in touch with them is the step we need to take to solve our problems related to studying abroad and achieving our goals.

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