• Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of the patterns of skin ridges present on the fingers, toes and soles of individuals

  • These patterns are unique to every individual and are associated with one’s genetic makeup and can reveal our intrinsic qualities and talents

  •  DMIA – the Fingerprint Analysis Technology helps to analyse your inborn intelligence, type of learner and hidden talents

  •  An individual’s innate strength and weakness can be identified thus helping one to personalize academic and extracurricular programs and learning styles

  • This in turn helps to minimize time and money wasted on unnecessary courses, thus making academic and career choices easier



  •  Understand your child’s learning style – helps in right method of child upbringing

  •  Discover your child’s talent which you are unaware – develop, nurture and achieve potential

  •  Choose the right career path based on the child’s inborn talent and potential

  •  Know the distribution of the Multiple Intelligence – areas of strength and weakness

  •  Organization : Helps in assigning employees to the right department

  •  The test analyses the type of learners an individual can be :

  Cognitive,  Affective, Critical Thinking, Reflective,  Kinaesthetic, Auditory and Visual

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